Haridwar in Pictures

Friday, July 21, 2017

About Haridwar

Situated on the bank of river Ganga, Haridwar has been a revered center for pilgrimage ever since the Pauranik age when it was known at Mayapuri.

Literally meaning “The door to God”, Haridwar is a beautiful town nestling at the foot of the Shivalik mountain range from which the Ganga emerges in all its vigour.

It also said that Haridwar has been sanctified by the presence of three Gods-Bhrama, Vishnu, Mahesh. Lord Vishnu is said to have left his footprint on a stone that is set in the upper wall of Har-Ki-Pauri where the Holy Ganga torches it all the time.

Devout believers feel that they can go to heaven by getting their salvation after a dip in the sacred Ganga at Haridwar.

It is said that drops of Amrit (elixir) fell into the Brahmkund of Har-Ki-Pauri on the first day of Baisakhi (13 April) and it is, therefore, considered that a dip in the Bhramkund on the this particular day is very auspicious and when Juptier (Bhraspati) comes to the sign of Aquarius (kumbha) once in every 12 years, the Poornakumbh fair is celebrated at Haridwar. Midway between each Poornakumbh, the Ardhakumbh fair is celebrated every six years.

During the Kumbh fair, saints and yogic assemble to exchange their thoughts on spiritual experiences and disseminate spritual knowledge to others participating in the fair.

How to Reach us

By Air - Nearest airport for Haridwar is Jolly Grant (45 kms).

By Train
- Connected with major cities of India- Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkatta, Varanasi, Allahabad, Agra, Ujjain, Amritsar, Dehradun, Lucknow, etc.

By Road
- Haridwar lies on N.H. 72 and will connected to all major cities. Delhi, Agra, Ambala, Badrinath, Dehradun, Kedarnath, Saharanpur, Nainital